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Welcome to Hope Candids

Starting the first weekend of October, we are looking to create a new feature that will be displayed on the TVs in church, our Facebook Page, and on this blog page, on our website.

This new feature will display candid moments of our church, people at our church events and parishioners at other events around the area.

In order for this idea to work, we are asking parishioners to submit photos, as often as you wish. If your photos is of the church, from a church event or showing Our Lady of Hope Parishioners at an event in the area, we would like to display it on Hope Candids.

How do I submit photos?

There are two ways to submit photos to be used in Hope Candids.

  1. You can send your photo or photos via email to Be sure to put Hope Candids in the subject and provide a small description of your photo(s).

  2. Use the form on to submit your photo(s).

When will my photo be displayed?

We will do our best to display your photo, the weekend after it has been received, however it will depend on how may submissions we receive. The decision may be made to hold onto a few photos for a later date.

Where will my photos be displayed?

Hope Candids will be displayed in a few locations.

  1. During the Pre and Post Mass slide presentation on the Church TVs and during the Live Stream.

  2. On our Facebook Page.

  3. Here on our Hope Candids blog page, on the website.

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