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To creatively and spiritually use Technology to improve how we proclaim the word of God to those that in church and to everyone that joins us watches Live Stream on our Virtual Church.


Using Technology to Maximize the Outreach of Our Church and the Word of God

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The Full Story

About Tech Ministry

It all started in the Our Lady of Hope Chapel, using a single iPhone attached to a DJI Osmo Gimble, which then became two iPhone attached to a computer running OBS with better audio. 


Then it was time to move back into the church, which meant a few more weeks of using that single iPhone attached to the DJI Gimble, again. 

After a few weeks of taking a step back, we began to move forward using PTZ Optics cameras, tied into OBS. Followed by the introduction of a dozen TVs, in the church, which was aided by the use of Faithlife Proclaim presentation software, which allowed us display bulletin items, mass parts and song lyrics for those attending mass. 

We then linked both the Proclaim PC and the Streaming PC together, to provide those watching on our Live Stream, to get the experience as those in church.  

The Final piece of the puzzle was the creation of a Video Production Studio, complete with green screen, lights and a camera for us to shoot our own in house videos.  Production on these videos will begin shortly.

As a team, we now have around dozen volunteers that do everything from assist with installing new technology, running the screens in church, producing the live stream, etc.  We always looking for more help, if you are interested, please submit a form on our Join the Team page.


For more details about everything we do, please see the list below.

To see what all went into our setup and a special thank you to all who helped, please check out How We Got Here Page.

What all does the Tech Ministry Team do?

Responsible For?
IT Support
Responsible for supporting an IT issues that come up in church, at the parish office, etc.
IT Background a plus.
Sound Tech
Responsible for ensuring that the sound in church and one stream sounds it's best.
Full Soundboard, Studio Speakers
Website Updates
Responsible for any updates needed at
Wix Website Editor
Manage Social Media
Responsible for managing everything related to Social Media, whether than be Facebook, YouTube or the new Online.Church(Virtual Church) Chat service.
Facebook, YouTube, Online.Church, etc.
Set-Up Crew
Responsible for preparing the technology used during weekly masses and other services. This also includes any set-up needed of new equipment or Technology installed.
Hands-On, Construction or Electric background a plus
Camera Operator
Responsible for Operating Cameras during filming, special masses or services, record video footage from church events, and even run cameras in church as needed.
Video Camera, Green Screen Studio, Professional Lighting, Professional Sound
Video Production
Responsible for anything related to Videos created by the team. Includes, but not limited to Filming, Acting, Script Writing, Voice Overs, Post Video Production, etc.
Video Camera, Green Screen Studio, Professional Lighting, Professional Sound, Video Editing Software, OBS, etc.
Proclaim Proofreading
Responsible for proofreading the content that will appear on the TVs.
Faithlife Proclaim
Proclaim Development
Responsible for developing the slides that display on the TVs in the church and during special events and services.
Faithlife Proclaim
Proclaim During Mass
Responsible for running the content that displays on the Televisions, in church, during mass.
PC running Faithlife Proclaim.
Live Stream
Responsible for producing any Live Stream that the parish offers. This ranges from Weekly Masses, Holiday Masses, Special Events, etc. Weddings and Funerals also.
PC, OBS, Elgato StreamDeck, PTZ Optics Cameras w/ IP controller, etc.
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